Cancellations are the new normal. But Airbnb has taken it to a whole other level. And by that, we mean that they’ve banned house parties worldwide at their rentals. But there’s very good reasoning behind it because we are in a worldwide pandemic after all.

To be exact, Airbnb has limited their rentals to a max of 16 people. And honestly, that’s still a lot of people. But we know some pretty massive house parties have happened at Airbnb rentals. So we think this step is a good one for the company.

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But with all this in mind, parties have technically always been banned at Airbnb rentals. So this new statement is really just a big reminder for everyone. After all, if you’re the property owner it would be super disappointing to return to a trashed space.

So if you want to learn more you can click here. And with that, keep those parties at home and be respectful of your Airbnb use. But really, we don’t recommend having parties right now. Because your safety is more important than anything.