Everyone likes to unwind a little differently. For you, it might be a nice bubble bath and streaming your favourite shows. For your pup, it’s probably running free and showing off their speedster skills at one of Toronto’s off-leash dog parks. 

If you’re a pup parent in Toronto, we’re sure you already have a routine. But if you’re feeling adventurous, Toronto has over 75 designated off-leash areas, and we have a few on our list that you may not know about. 

Here are 6 of our top off-leash dog parks in Toronto, from the big names to the hidden gems. You and your dog might just discover a new favourite.

High Park

Okay, so you probably know about this one already, but we can’t do a round-up of the top off-leash dog parks in Toronto without mentioning High Park. The biggest park in Toronto has a lot going for it, from winding nature trails that will make you forget you’re in the city altogether to the spacious off-leash area between Grenadier Restaurant and the High Park Animal Display. It’s great for a day out, but keep in mind that this off-leash area isn’t fully fenced, so keep a close eye on your pooch while you’re there.

Pro tip: consider walking, biking or taking the TTC to High Park and Cherry Beach, as parking is limited.

Cherry Beach 

There’s nothing like a beachside stroll in the summer. Cherry Beach Dog Park has the perfect mix of soft sand, walking trails, and – of course – some water for your pup to cool off in! When you’re not enjoying the beach, there’s a nice off-leash area that’ll give your dog the freedom to run, play, and make the most of the summer.

off-leash dog parks
Photo via City of Toronto

Ramsden Park

Ramsden Park is a perfect green escape right in the heart of the city. There are on-leash walking trails as well as a partially fenced off-leash area for your dog to run around and play. This park is also great for those who love smaller breeds. There is a dedicated off-leash area for small dogs so that every pup can feel happy and safe. 

Sherwood Park

If you and your dog prefer big trees, lengthy walking trails, and a quieter ambiance, then you’ll love Sherwood Park in North York. Tucked outside of the downtown core, this park has lots of wooded areas, trails to travel, and a couple of wading pools to cool off on a hot day. The off-leash area is also fully fenced, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting curious and wandering off. 



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Love Park 

Can you really miss out on the chance to enjoy a park with a name this cute? This park located in the downtown core is brand spanking new – and it even has a small off-leash area for small dogs! It may not be a large park with sprawling green vistas and towering trees, but it’s got an adorable heart-shaped pond, and it’s smack in the middle of everything. Grab a coffee and settle in for some grade-A people-watching while your little guy runslaps.

Orphan’s Green Park

Orphan’s Green has a large off-leash dog park that’s fully fenced and available for pups of all sizes. The up-and-coming neighbourhood of Corktown is moving and shaking, with lots of new developments and amenities opening nearby. The off-leash area is mulch-covered for sprinters, runners, and go-fetchers, with several picnic benches and shady spots to sit and enjoy the day.

Dog days are the best days, but we know that sometimes things can get a little hairy. If your pup is having an off day, or maybe another dog at the park isn’t feeling quite right, here are a few tips to keep you and your little guy safe. 

off-leash dog parks
Photo via City of Toronto

Avoiding approaching dogs in any way that may come off as aggressive or threatening. Let them come to you and approach calmly – this is especially important to teach to children. 

If you feel threatened by a dog for any reason, stop all movement, avoid eye contact, turn sideways, and speak to the dog in a calm and friendly voice. 

Always keep an eye on your pup outdoors, especially in an off-leash situation, to make sure they are safe, playing well with others, and not eating anything that could make them sick.

Keep your dog leashed outside of off-leash areas. Most incidents involving dogs in Toronto could have been avoided if the dog was leashed. Keep your best friend safe and consider others when you’re both out exploring. 

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