We know how it goes. The night started with a few patio beers then ended with you stumbling out of Nashville North with a charge to your credit card that looked more like a phone number than a total. It happens to the best of us every July and we’d be willing to bet that this morning sucked – but it didn’t have to. This weekend, when you inevitably do it all over again, treat yourself to a mid-morning, post-midway detox or hydration boost courtesy of Numi Health.

Unlike water or fancy juices, Numi actually administers healing nutrients directly into your bloodstream, which we can assure you, sounds a heck of a lot more alarming and time-consuming than it actually is. Let us explain!

Using intravenous nutrient therapy, a medical professional employed by the Calgary-born company will travel to your home or office, set up an IV and painlessly inject you with your choice of IVNT drips.

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From improved hydration, increased immune system functions and mental clarity, this might be the strangest, but also best ways to ensure that you get through the craziest 10 days on the city’s calendar.

The best part? It’s crazy easy to order their services.

All you have to do is download their app and press get started, enter your info, choose your drip and check out.

Yes, it’s more expensive than a hangover meal of McDonald’s and Gatorade but it works significantly quicker, better and is better for you, so why not treat yourself!

Science rules.