Talk about a win for Atlantic Canada! Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia will officially be the home of the first whale sanctuary in North America and we couldn’t be more excited. Woohoo!

The whales are expected to be in the water starting in 2021, so get those trips to Nova Scotia booked ASAP. Just off the coast of Port Hilford, nets will encircle an area of around 100 acres for the whales to live in. By all accounts, this amount of space will be a huge boost to the whales’ quality of life. Gosh, our hearts are swelling hearing that.

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In speaking to The Weather Network, Whale Sanctuary president Lori Marino had some wonderful things to say. “(The whales) are going to be able, for the first time in their life, to swim in a straight line for many, many, many body lengths.”

The sanctuary is expected to house around 5-8 whales to begin with. Needless to say, this will soon become a unique destination for Canadians to add to their travels. Well done, Nova Scotia!