Chirp chirp! Well actually, more like *increasingly complex and thought out bird noises*. On Wednesday, Twitter announced that Canada will be one of the first countries to try its new Notes feature. Curious about what it means? Don’t worry, we’ve got the details for you!

Basically, the Notes feature will give certain users the chance to go beyond 280 characters for the first time ever. Twitter has picked writers in Canada, the US, the UK, and Ghana to test drive the feature. So, unfortunately, this doesn’t mark the end of those “Here’s what happened today in the line at the supermarket 1/X” threads that pop up.

Of course, if all goes well, the plan is to eventually let ‘writers of all kinds’ use the feature, whether you’re talking about geopolitics or dishing out theories about why The Muppets are secretly real, and are the true Hollywood heavyweights.

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It covers a relatively niche, but also extremely important missing piece of the platform. Basically, since its arrival, Twitter has long been the place to share articles and generate conversation around them, not actually be a platform for articles themselves. The workaround here, of course, were threads, but Twitter has decided that that ain’t enough.

One thing hidden in the details? The Notes feature will allow people to edit their work after “publishing” it, marking the first time ever that the app has allowed such a feature.

It’s a big deal. The new Twitter feature for Canada and around the world will be in its test stages for the next couple of months, in the hopes of broadening the scope afterwards. Let’s see how it goes!