Keep your eyes peeled tonight, Canada. A solar storm could create the perfect conditions for a surprise northern lights show here in the north!

According to The Weather Network (TWN), a large active region of the sun released a big cloud of charged solar particles into the atmosphere earlier this week.

This “solar storm” is moving slowly through space, but is coming directly towards Earth, says TWN.

No need to panic, though, because these solar particles won’t do any damage to our planet.

However, they will cause a “minor disturbance in Earth’s geomagnetic field.”

A geomagnetic storm watch alert has even been issued by the NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

If the storm picks up steam, it may cause problems with orbiting satellites and could even disrupt power here on Earth.

But, the most likely outcome will be a vibrant light show known as the Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, says TWN.

A few things have to happen in order for Canada to witness the lights. Firstly, the storm must persist into the night or become more powerful.

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The stronger the geomagnetic storm, the more visible the Aurora Borealis will be across Canada.

During a minor storm, the lights could be visible in northern Atlantic Canada, northern Quebec, northeastern Ontario, western Ontario, the Prairies, and the B.C. Interior, the outlet reports.

However, if the storm is strong enough, all of Canada will get to enjoy the show except for southern Nova Scotia and southwestern Ontario.

For the best view of the lights, it’s advised that you venture as far out of the city as possible to minimize light pollution.

Give yourself up to 30 minutes to adjust to the dark, and turn your eyes up to the north.

Now, let’s pray for clear skies tonight and favourable conditions for an incredible natural light show!