In Canada, there’s only one thing we love more than being in bed at a reasonable hour and that’s the Aurora Borealis.

Luckily, when you just can’t bring yourself to part with your sheets, one of Alberta’s most beautiful destinations have set up a live camera where you can watch the Northern Lights in all her glory.

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A phenomenon that occurs charged particles collide with gases in Earth’s upper atmosphere, the Northern Lights are often visible from destinations like the Yukon, Norway and Greenland.

However, every once in a while, Alberta will also get a glimpse.

In mesmerizing shades of green and purple, the Aurora can often be seen around or before midnight, but that’s not ideal when you have to work the next morning – especailly because they’re rarely seen in the city,

For these reasons, the lights can be hard to catch – but not if you’re willing to watch them through a screen.

This year, Banff Sunshine Village set up a live camera, which runs day and night – just in case there’s some activity in the area,

“Overnight the camera gives you a live view of the dark night sky to the north above Sunshine Village outside Banff, Alberta,” they explain.

“During periods of increased solar activity you may observe the northern lights dancing in the sky above Wawa Ridge and Mt Bourgeau.”

To check it out for yourself, visit the link above – but stay ready.

It’s hard to predict when we’ll see them next!