Summer is around the corner, and we’ve got some fun news. As of April 2022, the list of alcohol-friendly parks on the North Shore has grown. What many Vancouverites once thought of as a pandemic pipe-dream is now becoming a reality!

All three municipalities have now opened up public areas where folks can knock back an adult beverage or two surrounded by the great outdoors. All that’s missing are some key City of Vancouver parks and beaches.

The City of North Vancouver originally tested the waters in the summer of 2020 – becoming the first Canadian jurisdiction outside of Quebec to designate certain parks for alcohol consumption.

In October of that year, the City voted to make these “alcohol allowed” zones permanent, giving residents the chance to essentially extend their backyards and stay connected to friends and family at a time when restrictions were at their highest.

Fast-forward to June 2021 — The District followed up with a pilot program that would allow alcohol at Millennium Park, and help support the economic recovery of local restaurants and cafes.

After the program passed with flying colours, the list of alcohol-friendly areas now sits at 25 parks total. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

City of North Vancouver:

  • Kings Mill Walk Park, 1122 Spirit Trail
  • Mahon Park, 1648 Jones Avenue
  • Ray Perrault Park, Grand Boulevard West
  • Shipbuilders Square and Cates Deck, Wallace Mews
  • Victoria Park, 650 Lonsdale Avenue
  • Waterfront Park, Block, 200 Esplanade West

District of North Vancouver:

  • Arborlynn Park,
  • Bridgman Park, 625 Mountain Highway
  • Carisbrooke Park, Lonsdale Avenue & Osborne Road East,
  • Deep Cove Park, 2156 Banbury Road
  • Eldon Park, 4010 Ruby Avenue
  • Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC-99, Brackendale
  • Kilmer Park, 1700 Dempsey Road
  • Kirkstone Park (temporarily closed), 2175 Kirkstone Road
  • McCartney Creek Park, 1575 Larkhall Crescent
  • Panorama Park, 2200 Panorama Drive
  • Princess Park
  • Seylynn Park, 625 Mountain Highway
  • Sowden Park, 1071 W 24 Street
  • Strathcona Lookout Park, 4621 Strathcona Road

District of West Vancouver:

  • Ambleside Landing, 1150 Marine Drive
  • Dundarave Park, 25th Street
  • John Lawson Park, 17th Street
  • Millennium Park, 1564 Argyle Avenue

Note that alcohol is not permitted in the following areas (yes, even in “alcohol allowed” zones):

  • Within 10 metres of playgrounds, courts, and skate bowls
  • Playing fields when in use for games or events
  • Artificial turf fields at any time
  • Trails, pathways, and forested areas
  • Any buildings or structures

As long as you stick by those rules and dispose of your cans and bottles properly once you’re done, you’re golden.

If you’re keen on reading the fine print, you can read up on the City of North Vancouver’s bylaw on their website.

Be sure to drink responsibly!