Spread over a massive 1,200 acres, Taza, located on the Tsuut’ina Nation adjacent to southwest Calgary is touted to be the largest Indigenous-led development in North America, with retail, sustainable living and more. And we’ve got all the deets on it.

Developed in partnership with Canderel, this project will have three distinct districts, or villages, as we know them all of which will span 10km (tip to tip) along Calgary’s SW Ring Road corridor.

First is Taza Park which is a mixed-use community with retail, office and residential space along with ample recreation and entertainment opportunities. Next is the Taza Crossing which is a health, wellness and innovation-centric district. And lastly, there is Taza Exchange, which will be the business and retail district.


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The development that has been garnering a lot of attention is boasting big names as anchor tenants across the three villages. These include Metro Ford, Costco, Big 4 Motors, Tim Horton’s, TD Bank and Bank of Montreal among others.
But here’s the most impressive part about this development- while the project itself is uber urban in design and planning, it imbibes the Tsuut’ina First Nation’s core values of honouring mother earth, culture, language, traditions and community.

Accordingly, the development will be built as a net-zero initiative prioritizing sustainability. In fact, the tenants of the land have also pledged to build sustainably.

One of the many ways Taza will foster community and culture is by way of its pathway system which, BTW is one of the largest systems for biking and walking in the world. This will prominently feature information about Tsuut’ina and Indigenous history (so visitors can soak in rich historical knowledge while immersed in Taza’s stunning landscape).

Needless to say, this iconic new development is a major milestone for all Canadians and will be a mark of economic stability and prosperity for the Tsuut’ina Nation for generations. Taza represents a new paradigm for economic reconciliation.

The word Taza means “something wondrous is coming” in Tsuut’ina. While we all wait for this project to come to life, go ahead and check out more about Taza on their website.