Foldable touch screens, tablet/phone hybrids, and neverending software updates have dominated to phone market this year. But, you might be surprised to know that Nokia has brought back its ‘brick phone’ and the glory days of the portable phone. What’s more, it’s for the 20th anniversary!

It’s crazy to think that the Nokia 6310 was first released way back in 2001, aka the pre-smartphone era. And naturally, it lived up to its ‘brick phone’ moniker, with an insanely long battery life and a practically unbreakable construction. Trust us, look hard enough and you’ll still find working examples of this absolute beast.

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Luckily, the 2021 version stays true to its roots. Want to listen to music? Tune into the built-in FM radio or listen to one of like 5 songs (the phone only comes with 8MB of storage). Going on vacation? It can last on standby for over 3 weeks straight, or just under 20 hours of talk time. And of course, who needs more entertainment than a rousing game of Snake?

nokia brick phone new 2021
Redesigned 2021 Nokia 6310 via Nokia

If you’re looking for a more, uh, rugged phone for weekends away, or just need a funny little gift for someone who’s always on the cutting edge of phone tech, then this honestly isn’t a bad idea. The hardest part, honestly, is finding one for sale in Canada! We’ll keep you in the loop on when and where you can get one yourself.