Florals for summer might not be a “groundbreaking” fashion statement, as pointed out by Miranda Priestly. But it sure is a groundbreaking experience to immerse yourself in the beauty of fresh blooms. And we have the perfect place for it, too. Lo and behold, the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens.

Spread over 99 acres of land, these gardens are some of the most dreamy places with backdrops of lush green landscapes, manicured gardens and fresh blooms. It’s no wonder it is a photo and wedding hotspot.

niagara parks botanical gardens
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Not to mention the long list of activities to do on-site any day of the week. From hiking one of the many tree-shaded trails to enjoying the seasonal displays that boast 80,000 annual plants grown. Or maybe you’re looking to visit the School of Horticulture, featuring an architectural beauty adorned with gorgeous greens. Or you can give your visual and olfactory senses a delight at the iconic Rose Garden.

No matter what your preference, the gardens are the paradise that we dream of come summer.

Niagara Parks botanical garden
via Niagara Parks

And while the Herb Garden and the Rose Garden are among the shining stars here, the brightest shining star happens to be the absolutely spectacular Butterfly Conservatory.

Just in case you haven’t seen or visited this legendary conservatory, let us fill you in.

So, the conservatory was built in 1996 and ever since, has gone on to win several awards for its architectural merits and the wonders it holds within. The beautiful building encloses an entire tropical world. One that’s as memorable as the last Drake concert you attended.

niagara parks botanical gardens butterfly conservatory
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As the largest and one-of-a-kind glass-enclosed butterfly conservatories, the place features some 2,000 vibrantly coloured butterflies. These flutter through the tropical plants and blooms specifically curated to attract these fluttering beauts.

Frankly, the whole conservatory is a photo op overload but you’ll find the best grabs at the picturesque waterfall. Yes, there’s a waterfall inside this glass enclosure which adds to the rainforest-like vibe the place has going.

botanical gardens niagara parks
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Already dreaming of your day out in nature? Here, check out the Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory websites to book your tickets.