If there’s one thing Canadians love to do it’s watch a good ol’ hockey game, but have you ever wondered what goes on off the ice? The NHL, Prime Video and Box To Box Films are teaming up to bring viewers an inside look at the lives of NHL players, including some of Canada’s most loved stars.

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According to the NHL, the project is untitled right now but “will focus on the NHL’s biggest teams and most compelling characters, all at different stages of their careers, as they embark throughout the season on the ultimate pursuit of glory – winning the coveted Stanley Cup.”

The trailer features faces Canadians know and love, including Toronto Maple Leafs’ William Nylander, Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid, and Vancouver Cancuks’ Quinn Hughes.

Viewers can expect “in-depth interviews with key players, their rivals and those in their closest inner circle – teammates, coaches, and family.”

The series will also reveal what life on and off the ice is really like for the league’s top players, from the quiet reflective moments to the speed and intensity of being in the biggest spotlight in hockey.

Crews will remain working with players like McDavid and his teammates, families and friends during the Oilers’ and Panthers’ pursuit of winning the 2024 Stanley Cup Final.

The docuseries joins the recently announced Prime Monday Night Hockey, which will stream national regular season Monday night NHL games exclusively on Prime Video in Canada.

“We want to stay true to the world of ice hockey with the series. The sport is as beautiful, skillful and graceful, as it is brutal, pressurized and powerful; and we aim to balance the energetic and fast-paced action leading up to the Stanley Cup Final, with the quiet and raw drama taking place off the ice,” says Paul Martin, Co-founder of Box To Box Films and Executive Producer.

We can’t wait to watch. The series is set to launch in fall 2024, so mark your calendars!

NHL Prime Video docuseries

When: Fall 2024
Where: Prime Video Canada