A new poll released today is suggesting that 2021 might just be the summer of the road trip in Canada. Assuming they’re allowed to go on one, almost half of Canadians have one in mind. The poll, conducted by Leger Marketing on behalf of Toyota Canada, surveyed 2,000 Canadian drivers above the age of 18. And, they found some pretty surprising results. Let’s check it out!

For the poll, Leger basically asked the drivers that if safe to do so, what are their plans for travel this summer. The majority of Canadians (84%) are planning to stay ‘closer to home’ this year. In fact, the pandemic has led to some 76% of Canadians gaining a greater appreciation for the outdoors, and 65% a greater appreciation for travel in Canada.

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As you can probably expect, there’s a fair portion of people taking road trips for hiking (56%) and camping (42%). Aside from that, some people are looking forward to visiting with friends and family once more (46%) and checking out Canada’s maybe stunning sights (46% as well).

Maybe more interesting though is what kind of road trip people are taking in Canada. Over two-thirds (67%) of the respondents said that they’d only be taking day trips, and 35% won’t be driving over 4-6 hours away from their homes. Good idea, since driving fatigue is a real thing, and we want people staying safe!

So folks, if you’re counting down the days until you can hit the road once more, know that you’re not alone!