A recent poll conducted by the research firm Ipsos has found some pretty interesting reactions to the bombshell Oprah interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In fact, two-thirds of Canadians feel that members of the British royal family are simply celebrities, and should have no formal role in Canada.

That’s just one part of the relatively wide-ranging survey, too. Turns out, a majority of Canadians (59%) want Canada to cut ties with the throne once Queen Elizabeth’s reign ends. And, just over half (53%) would like to see Prime Minister Trudeau hold a referendum about it.

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But, some other questions highlight the weird (yeah, they’re weird, come at us) ties between the Canadian public and the royal family. A whopping 78% of Canadians feel as though the Queen has done “a good job in her role as the Monarch”. Yet, Canadians are split pretty much 50/50 when asked if they think the British monarchy is a “racist institution”.

So yeah, we don’t know what the vibe is, at all. One thing we do know is that Oprah still knows how to knock an interview out of the park. To check out the Ipsos survey for yourself, just click here!