Remember all the hubbub earlier this year, when David Chang and Seth Rogen were seen at various staples around town? Well, it turns out that they were in Vancouver to film a Netflix show, after all. It’s not Chang’s first foray into Netflix food shows since he’s also the guy behind Ugly Delicious.

The two of them were spotted in Vancouver filming Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for Netflix, Chang’s newest foray into the food-show world. They ate at HK BBQ Master and Lee’s Donuts, which are some pretty fantastic picks if we do say so ourselves. Apparently, they also got to go crabbing in the Burrard Inlet and managed to light up a least one doob while they were here.

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner features four different friends of Chang’s around the world. He visits Morocco with Crissy Teigen, Cambodia with Kate McKinnon, and LA with Lena Waithe. Basically, it’s David Chang showing you just how cool the life of a celebrity chef is. (Hint: extremely cool)

Those all sound pretty fun, but we have to admit that were most excited about the Seth Rogen episode. Vancouver is a foodie’s paradise, after all. Plus, we’re happy to let Seth act as our city’s ambassador, he does seem to know all the sleeper hits around here.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will premiere on Netflix on October 23.