Calgary has no shortage of bars, restaurants and pop-ups, but that certainly doesn’t mean we don’t love to see grand openings and announcements. From cafes to dessert spots and experimental concepts, spring is not only bringing beautiful weather it’s also bringing a ton of exciting new eateries. Here are just a few new and upcoming restaurants that you have to try!


In a move almost no one says coming, Kensington’s tasty vegan hot spot Raw Vegan Eatery, has reclaimed a new location AND the ‘Monday’ a word that many would’ve considered ‘taboo’ before today. Serving the same great meals, handhelds and to-go products as they did before, Mondays has relaunched and moved to the community of Bridgeland to a beautiful little space on 4th street and we can guarantee you’re going to want to check it out.

Where: 208 4 Street Northeast Calgary, AB
Instagram: @MondaysPlantCafe


Ramen, gelato and sushi? What’s not to love! This weekend why not check out Tokyo Station a super cute eatery brought to us by the folks behind the Tokyo Street Market. Modelled after the “the bustling JR Station of the heart of Tokyo,” this new concept has a menu that includes everything from tapioca teas to tonkotsu and will have you going back for more.

Where: 1505 15th Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @Tokyo_Station_YYC

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We like big buns and we cannot lie, especially when they’ve covered in icing and cookie bits! After mastering the ‘basic’ cinnamon bun, YYC food enthusiast Eli Clark took things to a whole new level, experimenting with wild toppings and different flavours. From incredible combinations like Mocha and cinnamon, Fruit Loops and strawberry cream cheese and Oreo, chocolate and hazelnut this new Calgary pick-up spot will have your cravings crushed and your sweet tooth aching for more.

Where: Online above
Instagram: @BigBunsClub


Make way, because the folks behind Scuba Jay’s Bar have just announced their new concept, Flirty Bird Chicken. This Nashville-inspired resto has a spicy attitude and 5 different flavour profiles to choose from. According to their menu each claims their own place on the Scoville scale with their Scortchin’ Flirt said to be the hottest chicken in the city.

When: TBA
Where: 827- 1st Avenue NE
Instagram: @FlirtybirdChicken


A dairy revolution is coming, Calgary! Pablo Cheese Tart, a Japan fave is coming to Calgary and they’re going to blow your mind. With a wide selection of delicious cheese-cake-like desserts and tasty flavours like chocolate and matcha, this new baker is sure to rock the inner city – in the most delicious way possible.

When: Summer 2021
Where: TBA

Instagram: @pablo_cheese_tart_calgary


Ice cream is best shared among friends, especially when your closest pal is covered in fur and walks on all fours. This May split a cold one with your buddy at Lanny Boy’s Ice Cream, an upcoming pop-up in the heart of downtown, brought to us by the folks who run The Pioneer, a premiere venue and rental space on Stephen Ave.

When: Wednesday, May 5th
Where: 117 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @LannyBoysIceCream


It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to go to a museum or just for drinks with our friends, so it’s nice to know that a place like The Dark Arts, an interim gallery and lounge will be coming very soon. Though the name would suggest that the dress code will be black floor-length capes, sinister accents and sleek bobs, this chic new spot will have nothing to do with witchcraft or wizardry. Instead, it will feature talented artists, cold drinks, and have a MOD vibe in Calgary’s inner city.

When: TBA
Where: Downtown Calgary TBA
Instagram: @TheDarkArtsYYC

There you have it Calgary! New and upcoming restaurants in Calgary that you have to check out. Get out there and enjoy!