Back when quarantine was in full-fledge, we had a real ball with the online streaming extension Netflix Party. Thanks to the service, you could remotely stream TV shows and movies with your friends while you enjoyed binging sessions together. Well, let’s be real. It’s looking like quarantine (or a variation of it) might get intense again soon. Which is why we’re pumped that Netflix Party is rebranding as Teleparty.

So what do the changes mean? Not much in terms of how you actually use the platform. You’ll still need to download the extension, pin it to your Chrome bar, invite friends, the whole shebang. BUT what is changing is the amount of content available.

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Think of Teleparty as a broader version of the service we know and love. Instead of just streaming Netflix with your friends, now you can stream content from loads of different platforms. To name a few, they’ve got Disney+, HBO, and Hulu. Do we see a Hamilton remote screening party in your future?

So if you haven’t already downloaded this fabulous extension, be sure to do so here. The service is still completely free, so there’s no reason not to be taking advantage.

Happy binge-watching, everyone!