Disney Land is off the table for 2020, but hidden just off of Alberta’s Payne Lake is a special little place just as enchanting, way more relaxing, and hundreds of dollars cheaper, especially with our 10% off code CuriocityOwned and operated by globally-known playhouse visionaries, Charmed Resorts is a place that will fit the entire family better than a glass slipper.

Feel like woodland royalty with a weekend’s stay 10 minutes away from Waterton National Park, in their Midsummer’s cottage, inspired by the whimsy and magic of  Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream. This 220 square foot retreat is full of surprises including tiny secret windows, fairy living quarters, and a beautiful evening display of lights among the toadstools and trees.

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This vacation rental is actually the first of many at Charmed Resorts, which means there’s plenty of untouched land to explore and enjoy. You won’t want to go too far though, the Midsummer Cottage includes a ton of comforting amenities, like a woodfire hot tub, BBQ, electric fireplace, a beautiful wooden swing and of course necessities like electricity, a shower and a mini-fridge.

To book your stay now, check out the Charmed Resorts website, and don’t forget to use our 10% off code: Curiocity at checkout!

We think you deserve a vacation, don’t you? Don’t sleep on this one, sleep IN this one. They only have so many days available, folks, and you do not want to miss out! Happy trails!


Where: 3-211040, Township Rd 92, Lethbridge, AB