The Census. That ol’ document we’re always looking forward to filling out every few years. But, to get it out, Statistics Canada needs a whole lot of people power. This is why they’re hiring enumerators and crew leaders across the country.

As an enumerator, your job is to pick up questionnaires, dropping off letters, follow up with respondents and more. The job pays $17.83 per hour or $29.25 per hour if you’re working in a Northern or remote community.

If you’re a little more versed in the ways of statistical data, you can apply to be a Crew Leader. This job has you training and supervising a team of up to 18 enumerators and making sure everything moves smoothly. This job is paying $.31.25 per hour if you’re in a remote or Nothern community, $21.77 per hour for the rest of Canada.

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Not only is this a good gig if you’re looking for work, but it’s also helping the Canadian government better understand its citizens. With this info, they can be informed when making all sorts of different decisions going forward. Can we get a “heck yeah” for data?

If this seems like something you’d be interested in, check out the job posting for the 2021 census right here.