Who needs a trip to Legoland when we’ve got this to look forward to? Next week, the Edmonton Valley Zoo will unveil Nature Connects, a stunning LEGO exhibit featuring incredible sculptures. The show will focus on the work of Sean Kenney, who has shown his work all over North America!

Nature Connects kicks off on May 7th and will last until early September. During that time, visitors to the zoo will be treated to gravity-defying and larger than life LEGO sculptures, which Kenney has been displaying since 2012.

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Naturally, he’s gotten pretty good at the art form. Everything from flowers to birds to even some more abstract pieces will be on display. And while he might have you wondering how hard it really was to build that 200-piece castle back when you were 12, we can guarantee it’ll be a worthwhile sight for the entire family.

Access to the Nature Connects exhibit will be included in the price of admission. So, you can go from seeing the real deal to these incredible interpretations with no hangups at all! If that doesn’t sound like a nice bonus to an already great day out, then we don’t know what does.

Nature Connects at the Edmonton Valley Zoo

When: Saturday, May 7th to Sunday, September 4th
Where: 13315 Buena Vista Road
Cost: $15.95 for GA