Nope, we’re not joking about this. Nathan Fillion (star of FireflyCastle, and The Rookie) just shared a heartwarming story about an exchange at an Edmonton Costco. Turns out, celebs like random acts of kindness just as much as we do.

You see, Fillion became aware of a situation where an elderly lady had trouble with using her credit card at the Costco gas station. So, an attendant decided to help out a little bit and pay for her gas, provided that she ‘pay it forward’.

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Well, nobody said anything about whether or not her son can pay it forward instead. And as you’ve probably guessed, that woman was Nathan Fillion’s mom. How’s he paying it forward? By donating three iPads to nearby senior care homes so that the elderly can connect with their families.

It’s not much, and frankly neither was buying the gas. But collectively, it’s actions exactly like these that make Canada such a great place to live, and we’re happy to share a little optimism right now.

Enjoy the weekend, folks!