Sometimes it takes seeing things from beyond our atmosphere, to feel a little more grounded. In the midst of all of the craziness, it’s important to remember that we are far more than just what we see on Facebook. We are also apart of something bigger! Something a heck of a lot more beautiful than a Twitter comment section.

We still get to live and breathe on the only known inhabitable planet for light years and that’s pretty cool.

From space, everything is still looking pretty good and thanks to the folks at the international space station, who are constantly taking pictures of our big, blue planet, as well as the NASA Johnson YouTube Channel we know that for a fact!

Though we don’t want to take away from our problems, we believe that a quick mindless scroll and breather certainly wouldn’t hurt – so inhale, take a moment and drift off with NASA’s 20 most favourite photos taken of Earth this year.

Cuba and the Bahamas

Cooper Creek, Australia

Corsica in Sunglint

Dust Over Cyprus

Fall Colors Near Ottawa, Canada

The Great Lakes

Kerguelen Islands

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Wind Farms on Maui

Moonrise over the southern Atlantic Ocean

Lakes and Fires, southern Kenya

Sunrise over the Great Australian Bight

Paris at Night

Flooding along the Nile in Sudan

New Zealand

Terminator over western Australia

Airglow above the western Indian Ocean

Dust Plume over southern Argentina

Reefs of Moindou Bay, New Caledonia

Cloud Swirl above the northern Sahara Desert

Earth and Moon from Crew Dragon

Wowza, there you have it. NASA’s favourite photos of earth from last year! We hope you’re feeling a little more chillaxed… we know that we are! Stay safe and stay fresh, folks. We’ll get through these wild times soon enough!