A new interactive museum with mind-bending exhibits is opening in Seattle. The Museum of Illusions has captivated audiences around the world, and now it is set to open its doors in the city this week.

Located in the Skinner Building at 1330 5th Ave, the new museum is opening on June 28th.

From a collection of perspective-changing rooms, to enthralling installations and spellbinding images, visitors to the Museum of Illusions are bound to experience an intriguing sensory experience.

The museum will be Seattle’s newest permanent attraction, with over 9,000 square feet of rooms and exhibits.

Besides fooling your senses, visitors will learn about the science behind the illusions.

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“Engage in mind-bending installations that will shock your senses, puzzle your perceptions, and astonish you. Hang out with your clones, swap noses with your friends, and serve your head on a platter. Dive into the amazing world of the unbelievable and the impossible,” states the Museum of Illusions.

“Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, and the mysterious ways of the human brain. What you see and what you think you see are two totally different concepts, see for yourself!”

Get ready to be amazed, and to add some fun pictures to your feed!

The Museum of Illusions

When: Opens June 28th
Where: 1330 5th Ave
Cost: $27-$32