In the market for a new crib? If your answer is a definitive “heck yes,” look no further. Actually, even if you’re not shopping around for some flashy digs, you might want to pay attention, because Springbank’s Multi-million dollar Terra Blanche Chateau is up for grabs.

Terra Blanche is an absolute beast with 9 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a professional half-length basketball court, fountains, and a theatre; as well as a 6 car garage, elevator, a cigar room, and a 1250 bottle wine cellar, but we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

terra blanche

The palace was built in 2008 and is worth somewhere between $15-$20 million, BUT (get ready because this is some Sir Mix-A-Lot levels of exception) right now – she’s available for a fraction of that price.

On November 25th, Springbank’s luxury estate will go to auction and bidding starts at only $10 million.

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That means, for nearly half the price, all of the golden sinks, landscaping… and what we can only imagine would be an ungodly amount of upkeep at Terra Blanche could be yours. Nothing says “I’m stinkin’ rich” like a golden sink!

If you’re not already sold, it’s also mentioning that this place has its own website. Does your current home have its own website? We think not.

Check it out folks, even if only for the pictures. Most of us might not have a cool $10 mill to blow, but we can still dream, right?