If you thought 2021 couldn’t get any weirder brace yourselves because Mountain Dew just announced the release of an absolutely unhinged flavor of soda. The 81-year-old beverage brand is getting with the times by releasing a FLAMIN’ HOT flavor. Yes, you read that correctly.

Matt Nielsten, Senior Director of Marketing at the company had this to say about the product. “This is one of our most provocative beverages yet, and we’re excited for DEW Nation to taste the unique blend of spicy and classic sweet citrus flavor of MTN DEW.” We certainly have to agree Matt, this beverage is provocative and also gives absolutely chaotic evil vibes.

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Now we know what you’re thinking, how the heck can you get your hands on this beverage? The answer is simple, starting on August 31st, MTN DEW FLAMIN’ HOT will be available only on the virtual shelves of the DEW Store. We recommend setting a reminder for this one because we have a feeling DEW Nation could sell it out. Who even knew that DEW Nation is a thing?

If you want to look fully swagged out while sipping your flaming hot bevy you can also get some FLAMIN’ HOT-inspired apparel. MTN DEW partnered with clothing brand Broken Promises to create some spicy fits just for the occasion. Yep, this is all very real folks.

If you want to learn more about the release you can click here. You can also check out some grandmas promoting the product here and here. And if you end up getting your hands on MTN DEW FLAMIN HOT’ and survive drinking it, let us know.