Looking to find another prime snowshoeing spot in BC? Just 15 km south of the small town of Terrace is Hai Lake, which is open year-round to winter hikers and campers, and you’ll definitely want to make the trip out.

According to BC Parks, Mount Herman Park was created to protect regionally significant old-growth trees and bogs, serving as an ideal spot for day hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting in the warmer months.

In the winter months, visitors can snowshoe the South Thunderbird Forest Service Road and the trail to Hai Lake, snow conditions permitting (about 2.5 km each way).

Oh, and if Hai or Herman Lakes are safely frozen over and cleared of snow, visitors can even skate on the ice, or try their hand at ice fishing.

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mount herman park
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Note that while campfires are permitted, using camp stoves is highly encouraged.

So there you have it, winter adventurers! Here’s another scenic destination to add to your winter bucket list.

Hai Lake – Mount Herman Park 

Where: 15 km south of Terrace, BC

Information on Hai Lake – Mount Herman Park is from BC Parks and is accurate as of publication date.