Nothing beats the outdoors, especially here in the Great White North. Canada is known for its natural beauty, from the mountaintops to its gorgeous lakes. That being said, we’re home to the most picturesque lakes that are a must-see in any season.

Entertainment site OntarioCasinos analyzed over 80 lakes from across Canada and around the world. They then ranked them based on Instagram and TikTok hashtag data in order to determine which lakes are the most photographed.

The winner? None other than Lake Louise in Banff National Park, has been named the most photographed lake in Canada.

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According to the site, Lake Louise has a combined total of 387.2 million hashtags on social media, about 1.2 million tagged posts on Instagram, and 386 million TikTok hashtag views.

This is the most of any Canadian lake in the study, per the report.

Lake Superior in Ontario came in second, Alberta’s Moraine Lake in third, and Lake Ontario in fourth.

Check out the top 10 lakes below:

lakes in Canada
Photo via OntarioCasinos

We’re not surprised to see some Albertan lakes on this list as it is home to some of the bluest waters in Canada.

It definitely calls for a Canada-wide trip this summer! We’re going sightseeing.