The Great North is a winter wonderland, but if it were a competition, what Canadian city would win ‘most festive?’

From snowy activities to cheerful displays, the gambling platform, Best Casino Sites, ranked the Christmas Spirit of popular destinations and their top three may surprise you.

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But how were they able to do this?

By analyzing local event listings, hashtag data from social media, holiday spending estimates, and the results of a survey in which 2,000 people shared how they were going to spend the holidays, 20 cities were given an overall ‘spirit score.’

As it turns out, Halifax and Barrie are jolliest from coast to coast, with the more Eastern city earning 65 points out of 75 – the highest in the country.

“Halifax blows the other cities out of the water when it comes to event participation,” they explain.

“A whopping 38.1% of Halifax residents say their city’s holiday events and parades are unique, and 28.6% say that light displays throughout the city make Halifax a sight to see during the Christmas season.”

In addition, they found that residents spend a median of $625 on gifts holiday food and decorations, second only to Oshawa who drop an average of $750 on everything glittering gold.


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As for Barrie, the Ontario city was given a score of 62, while Kelowna and Ottawa tied for 3rd place with 59.

“The runner-up is Barrie, Ontario, which scores better than Halifax on Christmas activity participation but falls behind in holiday spending and holiday-related social media activity,” they add.

“Kelowna, British Columbia, is also not far behind in third place, scoring near the average in event activity and Christmas spending but knocking it out of the park in holiday spirit on social media.”

If of course, you don’t live in the above cities but want to know where your city ranked, hold on to your Santa hats!

Here is a full ranking of the most festive places in Canada by city:

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Did your city make it and will you visit the top ranked?

We hear Halifax is really nice this time of year!