Well, it looks like Canada loves its food, and a lot of it. So much so that we’re willing to drop some serious cash on our SkipTheDishes orders. The food delivery platform has revealed the most expensive orders in each province and they’re pretty hefty.

In order of SkipTheDishes’ 10th birthday, they’re celebrating by looking at their biggest wins in the past decade – one of them being the biggest spenders.

According to Skip, the province that had the most expensive order in its history was Ontario. Our beloved province saw someone spend $4,000 on an order of chicken wings and chicken alfredo.

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Besides the fact that this order was placed in 2016, there are no further details as to who this was delivered to and for what.

As for the rest of the provinces, here’s a breakdown of its most expensive orders:

  • Alberta – A $900 on Dom Perignon.
  • B.C – A $778 order on fancy tequila.
  • Manitoba – A $3500 order on rigatoni in 2017.
  • New Brunswick – A $600 order of lamb curry, garlic naan, chicken tikka, lamb vindaloo, samosas, and more.
  • Newfoundland – A $684 order on an assortment of pizzas.
  • Nova Scotia – A $700 order in 2019 of mozza sticks, potato skins, chicken wings, nachos, ribs, and burgers.
  • PEI – A $280 order of fajitas, quesadillas, philly cheese paninis and tuna melts.
  • Quebec – A $1000 order.
  • Saskatchewan – An $800 order of Brisket Po Boy Sandwiches.

Well, there you have it! When hunger (or cravings) call, SkipTheDishes comes through – no matter the cost!