Warning: Beer lovers may feel a sense of shock and amazement after reading the following. It appears that Canada has made another list in its top 10 and this time for the price of beer. Apparently, the Great White North is one of the most expensive countries when it comes to beer.

In honour of the FIFA World Cup, insurance and personal financial platform, hellosafe looked at the 32 qualifying countries to see where Canada stands in terms of beer prices.

To compile the ranking, the company looked at the “average prices of a 330mL bottle of Heineken, recorded in supermarkets and local stores where the sale of alcohol is authorized in the 32 countries qualified for the 2022 Soccer World Cup.”

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beer in Canada
Photo via hellosafe

This means bars, hotels, and restaurants were not considered.

Well, according to the list, the most expensive country to buy a beer is Qatar – the average price is about $9.38 for a beer, about $20 or more for a beer bought at the bar of a hotel authorized to sell it.

As for Canada, don’t worry, we didn’t come in second, that was Australia with the average price of $4.29 – we actually came in fourth with an average price of $2.95.

Though less than $3 doesn’t seem too bad but compared to the 32 other countries on the list, it’s a tad bit pricey.

The United States came in second, just a few cents shy of Canada. Other countries that made the top 10 include Uruguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Japan. Check out where the top 10 countries ranked bellow:

beer in Canada
Photo via hellosafe

But overall, in all 32 qualifying countries, Ghana is the country where beer is the cheapest, with an average price of $0.83.

As for Canada, our country and cities have been making the top of lists lately but for this one, we’re not sure if we should feel proud about it.