The world has so much to offer and so many sights to see. While it may be hard to narrow down the most beautiful countries in the world, Rough Guides has managed to do it and it’s no surprise that Canada found a spot in the top three!

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Rough Guides, an online trip-planning company, asked its readers to vote on where they thought were the most beautiful countries in the world – here are the results.

most beautiful countries
Image via Rough Guides

According to Rough Guides, Canada ranked in the top three behind New Zealand in first and Italy in second.

“Epic landscapes and the vastness of its wide-open spaces,” were one of the reasons listed for Canada’s ranking.

Another aspect to Canada being one of the world’s most beautiful countries are the B.C. mountains, where skiers and snowboarders gather in the thousands and the East Coast cities of Toronto and Montreal that “charm with their world-class restaurants and cosmopolitan vibe.”

Canada’s Bay of Fundy, hailed as one of the most remarkable spots as well.

Just for fun, if you were wondering what the reasoning is for New Zealand’s number one ranking, “amazing scenery had big impact. The same goes for the diversity of landscapes in New Zealand, especially the contrast in scenery between the mountains and beaches.”

Well, as far as the most beautiful countries in the world go you’re top spot in our eyes, Canada.