Everyone expresses themselves differently. Some write, some paint, and others, like Calgarian Morgan Hager, dress up as their favourite TV character and hit the town.

Now, we didn’t know it until today, but the world needs more of Hager. This is the way. 

Using some old hockey equipment, military gear, a 3D-printed helmet, and leather, among other odds and ends, the costume designer and Mandalorian superfan reimagined the main character’s iconic getup from armour to cape.

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Though the design is his original take on the look, it’s still incredibly recognizable which makes it that much more exciting for those who are in the right place at the right time.

From coffee shops to the mall, this guy has been spotted and documented all over the city, making people smile, point and snap pictures. In fact, he told CBC that making people smile when he’s out and about is a pretty nice payoff for the effort he’s put into the costume.

Now, we certainly don’t need to remind you guys of this, but having something to smile about right now is a big deal; So thanks, Morgan Hager. We hope that you keep doing what you’re doing.

We like your style.