Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the Arctic? What if we told you that you don’t have to leave Ontario to be right on the edge of it? The Town of Moosonee is one of two municipalities in the Far North of Ontario and is considered a “gateway to the arctic.”

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Image via northeasternontario.com

Moosonee, which neighbours Moose Factory, Ontario, is one of the northernmost railway destinations in the province, Ontario’s only saltwater port and an essential lifeline to other indigenous communities along the James Bay coast, earning the longstanding name of “the gateway to the arctic.”

If you want to visit Moosonee, you won’t have to worry about driving there. The town is located on the Moose River about 19km south of James Bay and is not connected to the road system in Ontario so all travellers have to arrive by train or plane!

Scheduled rail services are provided by Ontario Northland, from Cochrane, Ontario.  Scheduled air services are provided by Air Creebec & Thunder Airlines. There are also several small charter air companies based in the town.

According to Moosonee’s website, “the town grew in importance with the arrival of the rail in 1932 when Moosonee became a transportation hub for the James Bay coastal communities.”

“Moosonee serves as a gateway to the north and a launching point for further destinations, whether across the Moose River to Moose Factory or further north up the western coast of James Bay to our neighbouring First Nation communities.”

Looking for something to do in Moosonee? As suggested by the town’s tourism section of its website, you can spot Beluga whales and seals in the waters. The best time to see them is during the spring and fall seasons when they are most active.

It gets even more exciting. If you happen to be in Moosonee on a clear night you could spot The Northern Lights, visible multiple times throughout the year.

Moosonee is truly a gem in Ontario!