Here’s some good news! BC is finally set to increase the minimum wage by $1.10 an hour, which will go into effect this week.

On June 1st, the general minimum wage will increase from $15.65 to $16.75 an hour, according to the province.

“Elevating the minimum wage is a necessary response to inflation. The inflation we are experiencing now in BC is driven by profits, not wages,” said Jim Stanford, director at the Centre for Future Work. “It is unfair to expect the most vulnerable workers to give up some of their non-discretionary income because of record-high inflation. By ensuring fairer compensation for our lowest-paid workers, we will reduce inequality and foster a more inclusive society.”

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Minimum wage increase

The 6.9% increase reflects BC’s average annual inflation rate in 2022, and will help around 150,000 workers who currently earn less than $16.75 per hour.

According to the release, many are food service staff, grocery store workers, retail workers and others who were essential workers during the pandemic.

The increase will also apply to wages for residential caretakers, live-in home-support workers, and camp leaders.

More support

The federal and provincial governments continue to make regular, gradual increases to the minimum wage with every passing year. And it may be hard to believe with such high costs of living now, but the minimum wage in BC has gone from one of the lowest in the country to one of the highest!

What’s more, many families just received the next instalment of the BC Family Benefit on May 19th, with June’s payment coming up on June 20th. So while things are still a far cry from affordable in Vancouver, help is on the way.