Nothing says romance quite like the smell of a dingy old dive bar. So, we should start calling Miller Lite ‘Cupid’, after its decision to create a trio of candles that replicate bar smells. And, they’re now available for pre-order! Let’s check out Frankenstein’s Monster, shall we?

The candles are appropriately called ‘Game Day Bar’, ‘Dive Bar’ and ‘Beer Garden’. Plus, they’ve each got their own scent profile that surprisingly isn’t too far off the mark. Game Day Bar, for instance, is a blend of ‘salted peanut, jalapeno and cracked leather’ while Beer Garden has apparently captured the smell of ‘sunburn’.

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As an added bonus, Miller Lite will be donating all profits to supporting the service industry. But, no charities or funds have been named yet, so we’re not sure exactly where the money is going. A nice thought for sure, but we like specifics here at Curiocity.

Here’s a specific hot take, speaking of which. These candles are weirdly reminiscent of the Margiela ‘Replica’ candles. Just instead of ‘Jazz Club’ or ‘Whispers in the Library’ it’s ‘Dive Bar’. So, make sure to let your hip, designer candle buying friends know about this offer.

For more info on Miller Lite’s new ‘Bar Smells’ candles, just click here.