We trust The Military Museums to give us one-of-a-kind glimpses into the diverse cultural history of Alberta, and they are at it yet again with their newest exhibit! Enter— A Uniform Coat of Many Colours: Military Immigrants in Alberta.

This exhibition is an absolute must-see for all Albertans, and represents Alberta’s diverse social and cultural fabric! The Military Museums gave us a peek at the many cultures that make this province’s fabric utterly beautiful, only, they did it through the lens of immigrant veterans.

The Military Museums Veteran Exhibition
Photo via The Military Museums

The exhibit showcases the cultures and military experiences of Albertan immigrants who served in the militaries of their countries of origin, and it does so through artifacts and spectacular pieces of art.

Much of the artwork is created by immigrant veteran artists, like the paintings you’ll spot on doors of military vehicles. One such veteran artist is Fredy Rivas who portrays his military service in Colombia through his historically significant paintings.

Along with veteran-created art, there are also pieces created by artists who used veterans as their muse. Uniforms, medals, firearms and other military equipment from armed forces all over the world are also showcased.

This exhibition isn’t just an artistic masterpiece, but also stirs a much-needed conversation about the diversity of our many world cultures. It’s definitely worth a visit (or 2), whether you are an art enthusiast or not!