This is not a drill, people! Canadians of legal drinking age (excluding Quebec), can enter to win $200 CAD to be used towards a streaming service subscription. And we have the folks at Mike’s Hard to thank for it. 

The makers of the best darn hard lemonade is turning our lemons into lemonade quite literally by letting us “Stream & Chill” without a care in the world. Or at least, without having to care about our subscription bill.

As you know, popular streaming platforms have recently banned password-sharing (we promise there’s a reason we are bringing up this sad news).

And for many of us who were happily binging off accounts of our family’s and other people’s accounts, this added yet another bill to worry about.

So, Mike’s Hard decided to do what they do best- turn the sourest of lemons into a delicious (hard) lemonade. They launched their Stream & Chill Without the Bill contest. And it is exactly as it sounds.

mike's hard

Mike’s Hard knows all about turning lemons into lemonade and saw a unique opportunity to help consumers not worry about streaming subscription bills. So, they launched a contest (more of a raffle) and are offering $200 to 20 residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) who are of legal drinking age in their province, to be used towards a streaming service subscription! 

mike's hard

All you have to do to join the contest is enter a few basic details on the website below. And if you get lucky, you can binge-watch your fave series on your own account while sipping on Mike’s Hard Lemonade. 

Check out the Mike’s Hard website below for more deets. Then go ahead and enter for a chance to win.