Crisp & refreshing beverages in summer are as iconic as florals in spring. And while we do like when new flavours get added to the mix, for the most part, we all have our faves that we’ll continue to reach for. And depending on your personality, there’s a crisp ready-to-drink perfect for you. Whether you’re upbeat, lowkey, or everything in between- we’ve got a drink that matches. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the folks at Mike’s Canada and Palm Bay Canada so you can have your personality dictate your summer drink of choice. 


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So whether you prefer a summer classic that you’ve turned to for years or one of the new ready-to-drink beverages recently released, there’s an option for everyone. 

Obviously, we were curious to find out what our personality says about our drink preference. Check out the list below to see what your personality matches up with! 


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Are you chill AF, up for anything, AND pretty reliable? Do you love a low-key backyard kickback? Do you have a big group of friends who consider you the mom/dad of the group? Well you’re in luck. Why not consider a trusted classic like a Hard Iced Tea w/ lemon? 


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Are you unafraid & adventurous? Do you love summer, and wish you could take two 6-month vacations twice a year, as long as it’s on a beach? Why not consider Palm Bay’s newest bevy with all the tropical fun and fruity sweetness of pineapple, mango, and peach?


palm bay summertime drink

Are you low maintenance, easy going, and one to go with the flow? If you like to stick to what you know, well fear not- we have a drink that satisfies any thirst. ‘Cause the The OG Palm Bay gang is pretty darn awesome. Be it Strawberry Pineapple or Mandarin Orange, the light and fruity flavours make this classic drink a great choice for any occasion. 


palm bay summertime drink

Do you love to shake things up, and keep the energy upbeat? Great news for you, ‘cause throwing a twist on a trusted classic means you’ve got a little edge With light and fruity flavours and that unbeatable Palm Bay zest, this twist on a classic might be your new go-to drink. 


mike's hard

Are you outspoken? Do you make an impression on everyone you meet? Whether you realize it or not, you probably do! Being outspoken & memorable, you’re pretty much always right- but your friends are always thankful. So why not choose a drink deserving of your bold personality. We’re talking about the iconic Mike’s Hard Lemonade,  for a taste sweet with seriously bold flavour.  


mike's hard summertime drink

Are you quirky and sweet? Are you a 90s kid? If so, you don’t need us to tell you that these crisp and tangy Mike’s Hard Peach Fuzz are a classic choice for a nostalgic tasting throwback. Why not consider a sweet sip like Mike’s Hard Peach Fuzz the next time you’re snagging a drink?

If all this summer drink talk has made you crave one, well, you’re not alone. And good news, Mike’s Hard Iced Tea with Lemon & Palm Bay Paradise Twists have hit shelves across Canada! So, even though we’re in the home stretch of summer, you can keep the seasonal vibes going all year long!