For some cities coast to coast, winter 2023 has been exceptionally frosty, but Mother Nature isn’t done with us yet. According to The Weather Network’s mid-winter snow report for Canada, the stormiest days of this season could still lie ahead – but here’s what to expect in your area.

Though a couple of the country’s most beloved groundhogs predicted an early start to the spring, TWN has shared which cities should refrain from packing away their winter gear in the coming weeks.

“Snowfall amounts peak at different times of the year across the country as temperatures rise and specific storm tracks mature,” they explained in a recent report.

“Some places are actually too cold to have considerable amounts of snow during the heart of winter, so a warmer ambient air temperature aids in enhancing snowfall late or even early in the season.”

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Starting in the East – Toronto and Ottawa will see a bit more snow, but with the peak of this season behind them, shouldn’t worry too much about powder and ice.

According to the network, Ontarians only have 38% of their estimated snowfall left – though the same cannot be said for St. Johns and Halifax who have 43 and 44% of the way to go, respectively.

Similarly, cities in the West are also in for one heck of a time, with Calgary at a whopping 46% to go and Edmonton, a cool 41%.

Luckily, for those in Vancouver (22% to go) and Victoria (26% to go), have hardly any snow forecasted for the next few months. How nice!

As always, almost anything could happen between now and the end of March, so keep your eyes open for updates.

Here’s to hoping that things get better! We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for spring!