Cross your fingers for a clear sky, because an event bringing twice the magic will light the night this weekend!

Whether you’re a jr. astronomer or a casual viewer, we’d encourage anyone with eyes to point their peepers upward for TWO simultaneous meteor showers, the Perseids and Delta Aquariids.

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Considered one of the year’s best, Perseid will showcase up to 100 ‘shooting stars’ per hour during its peak in August, though fewer fireballs (approximately 15 to 20) could be visible in the weeks leading up to the big day. The Delta Aquariids, however? They come to a head on July 29th and the 30th.

During this time, another 20 streaks (approximately) of light should cross our night sky, giving those in Canada double the opportunity to see something incredible.

Want to check it out? The Canadian Space Agency recommends heading away from city lights, using a flashlight with a red filter over the bulb, dressing warmly and packing some hot chocolate or coffee!

Of course, it is worth noting that you should also be patient and not let your expectations get the best of you. Due to a nearly full moon this weekend, it could be difficult to see the stars and even soaring balls of fire.

Let your eyes adjust, enjoy the fresh air and don’t bet your life on seeing the meteor showers, but keep your head up. It could be extra special.