Labour shortage in the skilled trade industry is no news to anyone. And neither is the fact that skilled labour is a hot commodity RN. But 309a electricians, aka construction & maintenance electricians, are the most in-demand. As was revealed by Trades For Tomorrow.

In fact, it is this demand that led to Trades For Tomorrow offering programming to support 309a apprentices.


Talking about the trade’s demand and scope, Donovan Shakespeare, Apprentice Support Specialist with Trades For Tomorrow, said, “Journeymen are so in demand. They’re unicorns; everyone wants them. Companies depend on them to get more apprenticeships and if you want, you can become a professor.”

For the uninitiated, Trades For Tomorrow is a free service offering support and guidance to those looking to make a career in the skilled trades. But Trades For Tomorrow is not your average placement agency. It is a whole mentorship program for apprentices in the skilled trade industry.

Supported by Merit Ontario, the free service can not just get you a well-paying apprenticeship but can support and guide you through your entire apprenticeship journey.


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“Apprenticeships can last three to five years. People can get lost, or drop out due to personal issues or systemic issues. We want to not only place apprentices but also walk with them and be a point of contact,” explained Donovan Shakespeare, Apprentice Support Specialist with Trades For Tomorrow.

He further explained, “When you look at the government, which has supported the skilled trades with a lot of programs and bursaries, there are many things that people can access but they don’t know about them. That’s what we want to do — keep track of these opportunities.”

Knowing about your options, finding the right programs and resources, getting funded, taking the necessary steps. And Trades For Tomorrow will help you every step of the way.

And though it is a free service, you aren’t just another candidate for them.

As Shakespeare put it himself, “You’re not just a number or a voice on the end of a line to me. I’ve spent all of my career talking to people looking to start a new career path. I’m treating you like a person, who has goals and aspirations and needs support. In terms of feeling that you are getting the best service possible — that’s what you can expect.”

Check out the Trades For Tomorrow website below for more information about them and their apprentice programming.