Here’s some bittersweet news for your Monday! McDonald’s is bringing back one of its most beloved items to its menu for a limited time this October, for the last time.

In an exciting yet dreadfully sad tweet, McDonald’s shared it will release McRibs from its shackles on October 31. It’s not its release that makes all of this sad – it’s the fact that after this, it will be discontinued and no longer make a comeback.

“the mcrib is coming back 10.31 but this is its farewell tour,” read the tweet. Just heartbreaking.

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The same thing happened to the McPizza once upon a time and people still beg for it to return.

According to the McDonald’s website, you have until November 20, 2022 to get your McRib before you say “goodbye” to the classic item.

Some of us will stay hopeful for its return one day. If the Smarties McFlurry was removed from the vault so many years later, who’s to say the same can’t happen for the McRib?

For now, let’s enjoy it while we still can!