Yayyyy, new McDonald’s menu item! Today, the Golden Arches released its latest option for you to check out, and they certainly weren’t ‘chicken’ about sharing it. Behold- the brand new McCrispy.

So, what exactly is it? That’s easy, it’s more or less a slight variation of a McDonald’s all-star, the McChicken. You’ve got chicken (although, the McCrispy uses Canadian chicken breast), you’ve got some shredded lettuce, and you’ve got the McDonald’s ‘mayo-style’ sauce. Oh, right, the McCrispy will be served on a potato bun, instead of the classic option.

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For those really looking to get wild, there’s also a McCrispy Bacon Deluxe being launched at the same time. On that front, expect some bacon and a slice of tomato to join the party which McDonald’s promises will “take the crispy, juicy, and tender to the next level.” Nice.

The new McDonald’s menu item will be available at participating locations in Canada starting today, August 22nd. Keep it in mind the next time you get a craving, it might just become your new favourite. We’re staying cheap and sticking with the Jr. Chicken, though.