Oh, February. Sometimes, the shortest month of the year feels like it is actually the longest because of the cold, the rain, and the long winter nights. So to help brighten the month a bit, we bring you some morning (or all day really) coffee deals. McDonald’s Canada says its $1 coffees are back.

McDonald’s Canada told Curiocity their $1 medium McCafé offering returns on February 7 and will be on for a limited time.

“From February 7th – February 20th , McDonald’s Canada is offering $1 medium McCafé premium roast iced or hot coffee for $1 + tax,” they said.

“This offer is available with in-restaurant orders or purchases made via the McDonald’s app.”

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Additionally, if you order on the app, there is an offer for a Latte or Cappuccino for $2.

Note that these offers are not valid with flavoured beverages.

And you know, for those counting down the days in February, there are 20 days left. In fact, McDonald’s Canada has already re-introduced its Shamrock Shake.

Clearly, it’s that time of year again. And thankfully, this means we are much closer to March… and spring.