McDonald’s has been adding new McCafé menu items over the years and an exciting one debuted on Tuesday, March 26th. Guests can now order a McCafé Cold Brew Coffee at all participating McDonald’s locations across Canada and there are multiple flavours to pick from!

Here are all the delicious details.

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According to McDonald’s Canada, “Made with Arabica beans, the new McCafé Cold Brew offers a different flavour experience than McCafé iced coffee, making it ideal for guests who prefer a stronger and bolder coffee taste.”

Guests can choose from five varieties of the new McCafé Cold Brew Coffee which includes:

  • Cold Brew (unsweetened)
  • French Vanilla Cream Cold Brew
  • Caramel Cream Cold Brew
  • Sweetened Cold Brew with Cream
  • Cold Brew with Sugar-Free Syrup & Cream

There is also an option to substitute cream for milk at no additional cost.

“Good things take time. Just as the cold-brew process enhances the smooth, delicious flavour of cold brew, we invested time in perfecting our recipe and are confident our guests will love it,” says Chef Jeff Anderson, Culinary Innovation Lead at McDonald’s Canada

New drink, new look! The new cold brew coffees will also be served in a newly redesigned cup featuring the Golden Arches and McCafé brush script logo on a clear background.

No need to wait, this new menu item is now available at participating restaurants across Canada, at the Drive-Thru, on the McDonald’s app and through McDelivery.

We can’t wait to try!

McCafé Cold Brew Coffee in Canada

When: Available as of March 26th, 2024
Where: All participating McDonald’s Canada locations