Fresh air and history. In Alberta, finding a place where you can get your fill of both is actually incredibly easy, but only a handful of destinations are as scenic as Áísínai’pi or Writing-On-Stone Park, a sacred site where you can relax, camp and hike.

One place in particular that we’d recommend wandering under the summer sun? The Matapiiksi Hoodoo Trail, though you’ll need to come prepared for this one!

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A route that is known to get fairly hot in the warmer months, Matapiiksi winds through various landscapes and is well worth the sweat.

Here, you’ll see hoodoos, sandstone cliffs and even rock art – which is one of the many reasons, we feel it necessary to remind you how important it is to remain respectful on your journey.

In addition, you’ll also see upland prairie grasslands, the stunning Milk River valley and Coulees.


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The catch? Well, in addition to being a tad spicy some days, there is also some unsteady terrain (it is not stroller-friendly), stairs and some steep sections.

Think you can handle the 2.5 km (one-way) trek? You’ll see some incredible things along the way, but do not forget water, snacks and proper footwear!

Check it out and enjoy. It’s quite the hike!

Matapiiksi (Hoodoo) Trail, Alberta

Where: Directions here