Calling all Canadian music lovers and aspiring artists! Mastercard is officially bringing their multisensory Music Pass NFT to Canada as part of its Artist Accelerator program.

What’s all this you ask? Let’s break it down because it’s a pretty unique and innovative offer you can access completely for free.

Basically, Mastercard’s Music Pass NFT is a digital NFT token that gives you the chance to unlock exclusive Web3 music tools, learning opportunities, and shared experiences with mentors and artists. 

With this, you can actually make your own tracks using an AI-powered music tool and will have access to the Web3 educational tools and resources, including the opportunity to learn alongside artists.. 

It’s only available on Web3, which means you can’t find it on your regular web browser.

Sidebar for those unfamiliar with Web3…. It’s essentially a decentralized third generation of the World Wide Web intended to deliver simple, real-world benefits including greater transparency, more consumer choices, seamless experiences and greater ownership over digital assets.

Okay, back to the Mastercard’s Music Pass….  

In order to access, you have to be on Web3 and have a digital wallet. If you’re not already set up in the metaverse, consider yourself to be using a typewriter and get on it. But not to worry – we’ve got you covered at the end of this article with steps in how to join.


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Here’s how to access Mastercard’s Music Pass NFT:

  1. Through Web3, connect your digital wallet to Mastercard’s project website
  2. Mint the Music Pass NFT from their drop (it’s free!)
  3. Enjoy!

As mentioned, this is all part of Mastercard’s Artist Accelerator program, which was created to give up-and-coming artists from anywhere the ability to grow their reach through Web3. 

As part of a longstanding commitment to music innovation, Mastercard is facilitating this program through Web3 because it means you don’t have to pay for a subscription to a digital music provider where artists typically don’t get either the exposure or financial opportunity to grow their careers. 

And for those of you who need help joining Web3, here you go!

What we love about this concept is that it gives us access to all kinds of different music we may not otherwise get to hear, all while supporting emerging artists where it matters – control of their work and free exposure.

Hit up the Mastercard Artist Accelerator website for all the details about the Artist Accelerator program and the Mastercard Music Pass NFT to unlock a priceless experience.

To join Web3:

  1. Sign up for a digital wallet (ex. Coinbase, MetaMask etc.)
  2. Using a credit card, transfer money to your new digital wallet. You don’t need to pay to access the Mastercard Music Pass NFT, but to be part of Web3 you need to have a digital wallet, even if it’s a wallet of $1.
  3. Swap whatever Canadian dollars you put in your digital wallet to a digital currency of your choice.
  4. Enjoy Web3!