Authentic Italian cuisine is straight-up divine! And if we had it our way, we would fly to Italy every chance we got, simply to indulge our taste buds. But since our pockets and schedules don’t permit that, we do the next best thing— dine at Marcello Ristorante & Pizzeria.

If you haven’t gathered it from the sheer number of people that line up outside the place, Marcello’s is quite the rave. In fact, it could well be termed the OG pizza place on Commercial Drive, otherwise known as Little Italy.

This iconic Italian eatery is celebrating its 23rd anniversary this month. That’s right, it was 23 years ago that Marcello Lombardo brought his culinary expertise and passion to Vancouver. And for their anniversary, they have a few special items on the menu for October.

These include the Tagliolini with Mushrooms & Tartufo and the Salmon Pizza.

While each of the limited edition menu items is worth a try, we also want to take a moment and talk about the popular faves. So, we created this list of 11 must-haves that everyone needs to try, foodie or not.

Espresso Martini and Empress Gin Sour

Olive Calde

Coconut Prawns

Classico (Calzone)

Al Basilico e Pancetta (Gnocchi)

Vongole Veraci

Rapini E Salsiccia (Pizza)

Campagnola Pizza

Calamari Alla Griglia (Grilled Squid)

Tagliolini Al Basilico (Pasta)

Panna Cotta

That was our list folks. And truth be told, it was quite the task to pick just 11 faves, given that their menu is full of lip-smacking delights. But anything for you guys.

Now, while we don’t doubt your abilities to try all 11 menu items in one sitting, bringing your friends to help in the indulgence is always recommended (and more fun!). Marcello’s space is great for hosting a large group for a work shindig, a family gathering or that Christmas party you have been looking forward to for the last 2 years.

Check out the Marcello Ristorante & Pizzeria website below to view their foodgasmic menu, and to reserve your table for 2 or 20! 

1404 Commercial Dr, Vancouver