You don’t have to travel across the world to float on the Dead Sea. You can simply pay a visit to the fascinating Manitou Lake right here in Canada!

Rich with a variety of minerals, this one-of-a-kind lake in the Prairies allows visitors a “no sink” experience, while also offering what they call “therapeutic properties” that benefit your skin and body.

Not only can you float effortlessly on this buoyant saltwater lake, but you will also experience some healing benefits.

According to Manitou & District Regional Park, “the mineral waters of Little Manitou Lake are unique for their chemical composition, believed to have healing powers for a wide array of ailments.”

The surrounding village of Manitou Beach has a variety of experiences that allows you to get the most out of your therapeutic soak in the lake.

For example, the luxurious Manitou Springs Resort & Mineral Spa is a “European-style spa and hotel” that is said to be the only one of its kind in Canada.

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“Often compared to the Dead Sea of Israel, the mysterious waters of Manitou are legendary for their natural buoyancy, mineral-rich properties, and curative powers,” says the resort’s website.

“The water is so buoyant, it’s impossible to sink!”

In between trips to the nourishing waters of Manitou Lake, you will also have access to the resort’s European-inspired mineral spa, treatments, amenities, and of course, beautiful views.

Boating and fishing are discouraged here, but people are more than welcome to float and experience the healing powers of this lake, which has been enjoyed since the 19th century.

The regional park of Manitou Lake consists of a campground, golf course, and beachfront.

The campground is open from May 1st to Thanksgiving Day.

Whether you’re seeking a natural cure for an ailment or simply wish to float your worries away, Manitou Lake is a destination worth visiting.


When: Open until Monday, October 9th, 2023
Where: Central Saskatchewan