From the mountain peaks to spectacular cities, Wild Rose Country is one of the most incredible places on the planet, but few destinations in Alberta are as impressive as Maligne Canyon.

The deepest in the Rockies, Maligne in Jasper National Park is an all-season beauty, but in the summertime, the area truly comes to life.

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With waterfalls, trees, bridges and wildflowers, hikers are in for the strut of a lifetime – and the best part is that it can be enjoyed by people of every skill level!

Here, you can explore the natural landmark by crossing six different bridges built into the canyon, each of which will give you a different vantage point of the valley.

Walkways one and two are the easiest to get to, with the second bridge being at the highest point of the canyon 50 metres above the water.


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The third, however, is a bit more difficult to conquer, but is described as the “best location to see a spectacular waterfall.”

4 through 6 will extend your hike and offer more photo opportunities, but don’t feel pressured to take it all the way!

Maligne is an opportunity to make your own adventure – though if you prefer structure, Pursuit actually offers tours that will take you through the canyon, into the Jasper townsite and onto Maligne Lake for a cruise!

Interested? Snag yourself a spot now, otherwise lace up your shoes and enjoy a self-guided experience!

There’s nothing quite like it.


Where: Directions here – Jasper National Park, AB